Friday, August 31, 2012

Baby Girl Banner and Sneak Peak...

I am almost done with Princess LB's room! Complete reveal coming soon!!
I wanted to make an "I am a Daughter of God" sign for her room, and my idea was to do it on wood and hand paint the letters. But then I thought of a banner and how much fun (and easier!) they are to make.
I went to Hobby Lobby and saw the felt and iron on letters and I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do!

First, I did not want my banner to be too big. I marked a 3 inch dot and then half of that. From the middle dot I marked using another 3 inch dot that would be the top of the triangle.

Next I drew the lines.

Since I do not like to waste fabric, I made triangles using the previous triangle as a base. Here I just marked a 3 inch dot from the axis of the former triangle, drew a line and then from the right I drew another line to join the top.

And so forth..

When I was done it looked like this:

I cut them.

And prepared the letters for ironing.

 I ironed them using the cotton setting.

 Here they are all done!

Next I glued ribbon on the back.

  And on the front...
  All done.

And now for a little sneak peak...remember this lamp?

Reveal soon...
Happy Friday!!!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

For the Soul Sundays


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Homemade Snow!

Hello friends! Did you have a good beginning of a new school year? We did, even though there were some tears on mommy's face ;-(. It is always hard to let them go, but it is fun to see them grow and turning into such wonderful kids.
As a last experiment with Red Ranger we made snow! This could not be easier! All you need is shaving cream and glue. In a big bowl I put the whole container of shaving cream and 4 containers of glue.

I mixed them up. Let them sit for 20 minutes or so to harden a bit. The longer it sets, the harder it'll get.

Have fun!

And now that they are in school it will be harder to make cool science projects but we will still have fun at home!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Revamping an Old Dresser

I am still working on my daughter's room. Yeah, I know, it has been months. I am so close though. I'll reveal it to you soon. The bathroom project got in the way and there were other things to get fixed. Anyway, my daughter was in need of a dresser. I had this dresser since we moved into the house that used to belong to my in-laws:

Needed some work done. Sorry this is the only picture I had of this dresser.
So I got to work. I took all the drawers out, took the hardware off and cleaned it really well.

I primed it using BIN Primer. I only use this primer when painting furniture. It adheres to anything, like glue! I did not sand it.

I realized that I could use the same hardware that the dresser had if I removed the wood part in the middle and spray paint them silver...

Ta Da!

 Then I applied 3 to 3 coats of white paint flat. Let them dry for about 8 hours and in between coats. I then applied some left over protector that I had from Cabinets Transformations from Rusteoleum. But you can also use Minwax Polyurethane or some other kind of protection for your painted furniture.

After it was dry I attached the hardware.

All done for little Princess's room.

All done and it matched the decor in the room. I love it because it has so much storage!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Homemade Gnocchi

My culture has a lot of Italian influence. We eat lots and lots of homemade pasta, pizza and sauces. It is a tradition in Uruguay that every 29th of the month is Gnocchi day. I do not know how it got started, but we eat Gnocchi with meat sauce and we put a coin on the table and cover it with the plate, that is a symbol of "prosperity" for that month. I am not a superstitious person but my family did this to keep the tradition.
Gnocchi means "knot" or "knuckle" in Italian. It is basically a potato dumpling. Originally, they were made form flour or semolina, but the potato ones are the most famous. They are tender and melt in your mouth, and you can serve them with different kinds of sauces, my favorites are:  Tuco (meat sauce) and Estofado (which is kind of a Cacciatore). But I am a BIG fan of Pesto as well.
Since I like to do everything as easy as possible, I tried them using a Betty Crocker potato mix. The family thought I succeeded.
  • 1 box of mashed potatoes (I used the roasted garlic flavor) both envelopes.
  • 5 to 5 1/2 cups of flour
  • Ragu, or sauce of choice
  • Parmesan cheese
  • 2 eggs
First, cook the mashed potatoes according to the directions. Let cool. This is important!

Add the eggs and stir. Then add the flour slowly and when it gets to this point, start kneading and keep adding flour so you get a dough that is smooth but not sticky.

This is how to dough looks like.

Cut several pieces of the dough.

With each piece, start rolling a "snake" about this width.

Cut little pieces of the "snake."

And this is a simple way to from your gnocchi. Grab a fork, put one of the little pieces you just cut on top, press it with your thumb and roll out. They become rounded and have the marks of the fork on the other side.

This is how they look like:

Look at all these gnocchi! Let them dry for about 20 minutes. Make sure you have enough room to spread them out.

Boil water and cook them. They cook FAST! When they start floating to the top they are done. Cook them in batches. I put some of them in a cookie sheet and transfer them to the water.

This is how they look cooked. At this point you can add some sauce and wait for the next batch to be done. Put them on top, add sauce, and so on. Do not over-sauce!

Put some Parmesan cheese on top and you have a delicious home made pasta for ... REALLY CHEAP!

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