Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thrifty Finds

We had a lovely trip to our thrift store and we found so many goodies. And we got all these for $ 35.

Shoes for hubby and my son. A nice winter coat for Princess, a nice frame to get crafty and some wooden spoons. Not pictured: Crocs flip flops for Red Ranger (brand new with tag on for $1.99!!!)

This one made me excited...oh the possibilities!!!

Some decor for my "new bathroom" It loos really nice, night and day transformation. Stay tuned...the reveal coming this week!!

I like the vintage-y look of these things:

And what's a sweet, precious, handsome mommy's boy without his Bat mobile???

And another sweet, precious, handsome mommy's boy without a Hot Wheels track?

And see that pink Little Pony's car back there???? destined to be in the hands of a sweet little princess...

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  1. You're so creative and resourceful :)

    I found you in the bloghop and added you via GFC. I hope you can check out my blog at whyyyjen.blogspot.com :)


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