Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Costumes plus Cool Crafts

Wow! What a weekend it's been! We had the Trunk or Treat at our Church and it was so much fun. There were several games including bean bag toss, face painting, minute to win it among others. There was also a Haunted House that was really great. My kids got to wear their costumes for the first time and they were excited, except my oldest son. He changed his mind so many times that at the end he decided he wanted to use the same costume as last year...a Ninja, which he said this year it was a Knight. My daughter and I were witches, and it got so crazy around here that I did not have time to make my tutu so instead I wore a dress that I found on Halloween City for only 12.99.

The handsomest Ninjas!

Cutest witch I have seen!

The witches!

I made my daughter's tutu following THIS tutorial, remember? The cat and bats are a kit that I found on Walmart and they are actually glow in the dark DUCT TAPE! I saw it and I was amazed. Perfect for her costume! The hats are from Target and so is her broom. My oldest son's costume is from Walmart and my other son's costume is from Target.
Now onto some cool crafts projects on the web:

witch door decoration
Coolest door decor from Good Housekeeping

Cute and Cushy Fabric Pumpkins
Super cute fabric pumpkins by

Trick or Treat bags by Turtle Taylor

Candy topiaries by Crafty Sisters

Are you ready for Wednesday???

Sunday, October 28, 2012

For the Soul Sundays

"Create meaningful family bonds that give your children an identity stronger than what they can find with their peer group or at school or anyplace else. This can be done through family traditions for birthdays, for holidays, for dinnertime, and for Sundays. It can also be done through family policies and rules with natural and well-understood consequences. Have a simple family economy where children have specific chores or household duties and receive praise or other rewards commensurate to how well they do. Teach them the importance of avoiding debt and of earning, saving, and wisely spending money. Help them learn responsibility for their own temporal and spiritual self-reliance."

M. Russel Ballard

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun Skeletons and a Spooky Dinner

Hello family and friends! I apologize for not posting yesterday ;-( but oh my!! It was a crazy day! We have been preparing for the Trunk or Treat at our Church and I am one of the women in charge. I will be showing you pictures next week.
Today I have TWO things to post. My kids and I have been having fun with Halloween this year. My son  decided that he does not want to be a ghost and now he wants to be Tron. I CANNOT find this costume anywhere, so today I am going to the two last Halloween stores to see if I can find it. Otherwise I will have to order it online and pay a million bucks for shipping...;-( So yes, it has been busy around here.
For an activity for Family Home Evening (an evening a week that we gather in family council and talk about family issues, successes, stresses, and we have a spiritual lesson, game, song and treats) we created some skeletons using Q tips, marshmallows a black sharpie and the glue gun.
First, you insert a Q tip in the marshmallow.
Then, you draw a face for the skeleton. The kids had fun with this.

After that, gluing goes in this order:

  1. Shoulders, making a T
  2. Cut a   Q tip into thirds and glue that to the "back." These are the ribs.
  3. Glue one Q tip for each arm, from the "shoulder" Q tip.
  4. Cut 2  Q tips to form a triangle for the pelvis. Glue the base of the triangle to the end of the "back" and then the other two Q tips to each side of the base. Glue the tip of the triangle.
  5. From the two lower angles of the triangle, glue the legs. Then glue another Q tip to make the legs longer.
  6. Cut a Q tip and glue "feet.
  7. Let dry. You're done!

 The family having fun!
Only adults handled the glue gun, of course.

 Proud of their creations...

 Here is the Skeleton Family ;-)

On the Halloween display...

We enjoyed making these skeletons and we also enjoyed dinner:

Hot dog mummies and bloody fingers.
I think this is pretty self explanatory. I used the cheap pizza crust packet. I added the water, let it sit for 5 minutes, rolled it out and cut strips. I rolled it around the hot dogs. For the finger almost all the way through and for the mummies also around one end. The kids dipped them in ketchup and they told me that it could be blood, like on that "fingernail." Gross. If I start pretending that the food is all these yucky stuff I will lose my appetite!

Are you all ready for Wednesday? Can't wait!!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Mantels

Today I am sharing my favorite Halloween mantels decorations. Since I do not have a fireplace, I decorate my  shelves in the kitchen and family room. Someday our future home will have a fireplace ;-).
Here are my favorite 10 mantels that I found in blogs and websites:

I am in love with this one and what she did with the existing pictures!

I love the vintage feeling of this one:
Halloween Mantels Decorating Tweleve 27 Best Decorating Of Halloween Mantels
And the country feeling of this one:
Halloween Mantels Decorating Five
The bats flying here are awesome!
Source: 52 Mantels

This one wins for the "spookiest!"
Halloween Mantels Decorating
I love the lighting on this one:
Halloween Mantels Decorating Twenty 27 Best Decorating Of Halloween Mantels
This one is so simple and yet elegant.
Source Starshine Chic

Here is another one with cool lighting!
rip halloween fireplace mantels interior ideas
Source Home Trend Design

And my all time favorite goes for:

Source House of Smiths...I LOVE this and I love her blog!
Which one is your favorite?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is so near and I still do not have our costumes ready. I have been working on them but I am not done. I am going to share with you what inspired me to create our costumes. I found this on Pinterest and I was in love:

Via Etsy, Freckles N' Frills
I decided that it would be cute for my princess and I to be matching witches!
I have also seen these cute ones:

Spooky Witch Costume

This one is adorable too, check out the broom!

polka dot witch costume

One of my sons wants to be a Ninja. I will not attempt to make his costume because he knows exactly what costume he likes:

ninja costume

My other son first wanted to be this:

Headless costume.
But then he changed his mind and now he wants to be a ghost. Now that I can do!

Ghost costume

Or the Charlie Brown Ghost:


Do you have your costumes all ready or are you like me? Stay tuned for the finished products!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Halloween Food Fun Ideas

I will share today with you more Halloween food ideas. Every single day my kids ask me what is for dinner because they know it'll be something related to Halloween. This was this week's favorite:

 Sloppy Joes Jack O Lantern with Ghost potatoes.

 Here is a very happy boy!

 And here is the "Hocus Pocus" Potion for dessert (my son named it). All it has is vanilla pudding with green food coloring, chocolate and gummy worms. They are served in recycled soup cans. Here are the steps, self explanatory:

 My sons liked the idea of the worms creeping out of the can...

We also carved our pumpkins for Halloween. We used the trick of spreading Vaseline inside so they last longer.

See you tomorrow!

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