Friday, August 16, 2013

Stairs Makeover, Part 1

We have been going through a lot of changes in our home. We have been living here for almost 9 years and I have to say the carpet is in pretty bad shape, especially the carpet on the stairs. We decided that carpet and kids do not go together so we are slowly getting rid of our carpet throughout the house.
The plan consisted of using the underlying wood and stain and paint it, but of course it was not like that. We discovered the wood underneath was in pretty bad shape, and even though I tried my best to patch it, it did not look right. So what we did is we bought pine treads at Home Depot and also pine risers, they are pretty inexpensive, about $7 each. We sanded and sanded and stained the treads with dark walnut stain.
Here are the stairs before:

 Here is my husband removing the ugly carpet, it is a lot of work and they had like million staples under the padding!

Here is how they looked after we were done removing the carpet:

See the wood? YIKES!

We sanded and stained the treads, and primed and painted the risers white:

Here we were presenting the layout (see the first step on the bottom). We just nailed the risers to the existing ones and glued the treads using super super super glue.

My husband also decided to do a stair skirt trim (thanks honey) and he did a great job, he used inexpensive MDF and patiently drew a pattern to cut that fit perfectly on the stairs. Before installing it we primed and painted it white and also applied two coats of high gloss polycrylic to everything.
We are almost done! Stay tuned for the reveal! It looks awesome!


  1. Oh my they already look so great, they are going to be fabulous when they are finished.

  2. Agree, carpets and kids don't go together! We are planning on getting rid of the carpet in the bedrooms next, can't wait!


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