Thursday, September 5, 2013

Family Room Makeover: The Floor

Wow! It has been busy in here! We have been working hard in this makeover plus other projects...Please tell me I am not the only one with project ADD! I have not finished one project when I start with another!
Today I will share what we have done with the family room. The carpet in this room was absolutely ugly. It was old, too. It had a ginormous stain in the middle of the room that despite my biggest efforts it would NOT come off. And if you're wondering...YES! I tried every single Pinterest carpet cleaning recipe there is with no luck.So hubby ripped out all of the carpet and padding (it was a PAIN!). We cleaned the floor really well and cover the floor with the underlayment. Then he began installing the laminate floor. Here are some pictures:

 Yesssssssss!! we are getting rid of this carpet!!

 Ripping all of the nails from the floor was NOT fun...

This carpet weighed like a million pounds...

The kids were excited to work.

Installing the underlayment.

Always start with a corner.

 Yay! All done with the floor! Family room reveal coming soon!


  1. First off, I didn't realize your name is Vivian! it is also one of my daughters names. And loving the floor.


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