Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Calendar

Yesterday I shared with you what we will be doing for this Christmas season as a family. Today I am showing you the "system" to accomplish that. This year we are using a different kind of Advent Calendar. It is so simple (and cheap). All you need is paper bags, twine, thumbtacks, ribbon, glue, and printed numbers and activities.

First, I cut the lunch bags and folded the top, then I punched two holes. I printed these numbers off Pinterest, I don't remember the website. Unfortunately, my printer run out of ink and they turned out pinkish...but they were supposed to be red! Oh well...they still work.

  I glued the numbers to the bag. I decided I wanted to do 6 rows with 4 bags each. I cut the twine and hung the 4 rows using thumbtacks. I originally used the removable plastic hooks but they would fall each time, and then I thought my kids would be pulling off the twine trying to get to the bags, so I needed something stronger than that! I then put the twine on the fold, inserted the ribbon through the holes and tied it up. I knew my kids would be removing those If I had used laundry pins. We untie one each day after dinner.

Pretty simple. Yesterday at Family Home Evening I explained the system to them and they were excited. They have no clue what the activity for the day will be. They take turns untying the bow. Do you use an advent calendar?

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